Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Short update-Petrozavodsk

So much happens so quickly, and internet access is scarse, so I'm finding it hard to keep the blog up to date. In short: We nearly didn't get in, but when we finally did, Mother Russia decided to show herself from her best side. Apart from the roads, everything is good, the people, the bus, the food, the kids, the vodka. The rumour that Russians are a bit cold is not true!

More updates as soon as possible.



tanya said...

hi, guys!!hope u're fine and still enjoy your trip!me and Maxim are waiting for more news from u!!!u're just great!hugs! and take care!!!

ping said...

Hi Tanya! We are now in kazachstan, and all is well. Hope you and Maxim had a good trip, too!